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Moving And Storage Solutions Since 1955

diggins & ROSE provides moving and storage services in New England. diggins & ROSE has been providing the public with superior moving and storage services in the Boston, Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas since 1955.

When it comes to moving and storage there’s no better choice than diggins & ROSE. Not only do we offer the proven quality and professional services you need, but as an agent for United®, we can also provide you with the latest and most extensive range of service options in the moving and storage industry.

Trusted Solutions, Plus New Ideas

Moving has changed! Now there are many different types of moves in addition to traditional truck and trailer moving. When a diggins & ROSE moving consultant visits your home for a free detailed move survey, he or she will explain a full range of options you may wish to consider. And they range from traditional to newer types of moving services. He or she will also provide you with a complete, easy-to-understand cost breakdown for all available options and let you choose which one suits your needs best.

Idea: Traditional Moving And Storage

Choose to receive a traditional move with storage and we will carefully and professionally load your items into our truck and then deliver them to our warehouse storage facility. Your items are then received into our warehouse and carefully and professionally loaded into special wooden furniture vaults for safe and secure storage until you request delivery.

Idea: Storage Brought To Your Home

Another moving and storage option includes bringing the wooden storage vaults to you. A specialized trailer delivers empty vaults to your residential location where our experienced and friendly movers load the vaults directly from your home. This is what we refer to as “one time handling” meaning that your belongings don’t have to be initially loaded into a household truck and then received into our warehouse for storage and handled again. Many people prefer this option because the fewer times your possessions are handled the less risk for potential damage there is.

Idea: moving and storage service across the United States

One of the most exciting moving and storage options today allows us to ship your possessions to you anywhere in the United States inside sealed moving containers. Your possessions are loaded directly into containers at your home, sealed, and are never opened again until they reach your new destination. They are then opened and unloaded into your new home. Not only is this a very secure way to move when you need both moving and portable storage, it’s extremely cost-efficient. With these new moving options, you can choose the specific date you want to receive your items, giving you total control over your delivery dates.

Full Moving And Storage Solutions

As an agent for United®, diggins & ROSE is able to provide you with the full moving and storage services you need. If you’re moving within New England, the West Coast, or internationally, we can move and store your belongings. We’ll then have them delivered to your new residence wherever that may be. Moving with diggins & ROSE is convenience moving. Our goal is to provide you with the best moving experience possible.

We Bring The Storage To You

Have you considered portable storage for your extra storage space needs? United Containers® are a great alternative compared to using up valuable space in your home, basement, or garage for extra storage, or having to travel back and forth to a self-storage unit. With portable storage from diggins & ROSE, you’ll get great flexibility and convenience just outside your door. Don’t waste time, space, and effort: Choose United Containers® and let us bring the storage to you. You can choose to store the container on your property for easy access, or we can move it to our secure storage location to get it out of your way.

Portable Storage Units For All Kinds Of Storage Needs

  • Are you remodeling or renovating your home or business? Do you need to sell your home to make it more visually appealing to potential buyers?
  • Use United Containers® to de-clutter your basement or garage so you can enjoy the space you were meant to have.

Compare Portable Storage To Moving Truck Rentals

If you’re considering moving your possessions into a conventional self-storage facility, think again. You’ll probably need to rent a truck, and then race the clock to avoid overages from the rental. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be sore and irritable. With United Containers® there’s no pressure from racing the clock because you get to keep the portable storage unit for 30 days, or as long as you need.

  • Load the container when you want to -- and at your pace.
  • If you would rather avoid the hassle of moving and loading entirely, our own diggins & ROSE moving crews can handle that for you.

Our Quality Crews Come To You

Our movers are trained and certified to offer professional handling, loading, and moving services. So rest assured that your belongings will be in good hands. We pride ourselves on having superior services within the moving and storage industry, and we want to make sure your experience with diggins & ROSE is one that will leave you completely satisfied.

Why Choose United® Portable Storage For Moving And Storage?

Our containers are made specifically for household goods and come equipped with features other containers don’t have. Our weatherproof containers are built strong, come with translucent roofs for better lighting, and are 8” off the ground on padded wheels which helps prevent flooding from heavy rain or melting snow. They are also equipped with lockable steel roll-up doors and every container has multiple tie-down points inside to help with securing your load.

Did you know that translucent roofs and being raised 8” off the ground are features that prevent mold and mildew from forming? Compared to other storage vendors, our containers also allow air flow under the container to ward off ground temperature absorption. With features like ours, you won’t find your belongings in a container that has been the victim of mold and mildew over any storage length term.

United Containers® give you more options when it comes to portable storage. They are 8’ tall, 8’ wide, and 16’ long. Each container is delivered clean and ready to use. We can also provide all of the packing materials and boxes you need and then deliver them directly to you along with your container. Contact us or call today.

For a free, no-obligation moving cost estimate, fill out our simple request form. You can also call us at 603-883-4252 for a moving estimate or with any questions.

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