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diggins & ROSE Moving Containers

When thinking about moving containers, most people think about “do-it-yourself” portable storage containers that you often load yourself. But, moving containers such as those in our T2 program are more than that. They’re a whole new idea in moving. It’s true that you can load some of them yourself. But, as an agent for United®, diggins & ROSE Moving Systems provides moving containers around New England that come in various types.

Which Type Of Moving Container Is Best?

That depends. diggins & ROSE is able to offer different moving container types for different needs. They range from “full service” (where you don’t have to do a thing) to ‘do-it-yourself” options. Surprisingly “full service” (where you don’t have to lift a finger) is often not much more expensive compared to doing it yourself. Plus, with our professional movers providing you with the “full service” container option, you’ll save body aches and potential property damage(s) that can be avoided by utilizing our professionally trained and experienced movers.

Moving Containers Versus Conventional Truck And Trailer Moves

Moving containers offer unique advantages not available with conventional truck and trailer moves. Here are some of those advantages:

  1. Because your possessions are loaded directly into a sealed container at your home (and never opened again until they are delivered to your new home in your presence) the risk of loss or damage due to multiple handling is greatly reduced.
  1. Unlike conventional truck and trailer moves where the driver’s schedule dictates a variable delivery spread, with most container moves you can choose a specific day of delivery.
  1. If you need moving and storage with your move, moving containers make all the more sense. diggins & ROSE even has a special program for those who have larger, more-localized moving and storage needs.
  1. The cost of storage inside a moving container is much lower -- and in some cases free – compared to truck and trailer moving.
  1. If you are comparing moving containers to “do-it-yourself” moving in a rental truck, you not only save time and pain, but in most every case, it’s less expensive to move in a container with “full service” than it is to rent a moving truck once all the hidden costs associated with rental trucks are accounted for.
  1. When you choose diggins & ROSE for your move, the extensive resources and support of our professional move coordinators are there for you every step of the way to provide advice, updates, and support to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Not only do you leave the driving to us…you can leave the worrying to us, also!

Let Us Help You Choose And Move

diggins & ROSE offers a variety of different moving container options to meet different needs. Our professional moving consultants can show you all of the options available for the size of your move and will lay out a simple-to-understand, side-by-side quote that shows you the costs of all the options. Then simply choose the one that suits you best. Contact diggins & ROSE today to find out which option is best for you.

For a free, no-obligation moving cost estimate, fill out our simple request form. You can also call us at 603-883-4252 for a moving estimate or with any questions.

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